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Hello ~

I just wanted to tell you....well I'm not exactly sure. Let me tell you a 
quick story (I hope this won't bore you)... 

Just the other day, I was home after school, working in homework. I was also watching TV, and flipped to the MTV channel. The channel was running a commercial - free movie that detailed the slaying of Matthew Shepard, a college boy who was gay. After a bit, I stopped my homework and was totally into the movie. I caught it in it's middle, so soon it was over. After it had ended, I sat in my computer chair and cried for an hour. I'm not sure why I cried. Maybe it's because I know that there are people in my town, in my state, in our country that have such hatred toward people who are different from themselves.

Tonight I decided to see what I, as a 15 year old girl, could do to help. I searched over the internet, and found your website. I feel like I need to tell you what a wonderful, wonderful site it is. I hope and pray and wish that there are people like yourself out in the world. Thank you for the help and support you are offering to people.

*H-----* 15, Maine

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