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Teaching & Understanding Sept 11: 

Photograph of the Moment: BERT & BIN LADEN/ BERT IS EVIL:

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evil bert from sesame street with bin laden - close up


How did Bert, Ernie's Sesame Street sidekick, end up on a poster with bin Laden? (see him right below bin Laden's ear) More serious info about bin Laden - the man 'wanted dead or alive'?

Bert Is Evil - notice the image of Bert (from Sesame Street) near bin Laden's ear. 

A San Francisco Artist started 'Bert is Evil' as running gag with 'evidence' of Bert's involvement with Hitler, the KKK, OJ, Pamala Anderson, aliens - and bin Laden. The image got downloaded from the internet and put on posters. The Urban Legends page has a fuller explanation and elsewhere there's a news story on the Bert-bin Laden connection.

The creator of the original Bert Is Evil site pulled it down, partly because of the attention this picture received: "i fear that it may destroy the character's credibility with children. i myself grew up on sesame street and it was an important part of my childhood. this issue throws it out in the open, with articles, emails and news websites referring to it, children are bound to hear about it." 

More serious info about bin Laden - the man 'wanted dead or alive'?

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