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Violence Prevention, Mediation/ Conflict Resolution

Violence Prevention

Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse

Center for Violence Prevention and Control

Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence

Crime Prevention & Legal Policy (Policy Library.com - good abstracts and links to full text documents)

An Ounce of Prevention

Violence Policy Center

Workshops for Professionals, Students, and the Lay Public by my colleague Gregg Barak

Pavnet Online: Partnership Against Violence Network

Healthy Relationships: Violence Prevention Curriculum [Helping students to analyze the culture of violence that condones abusive behavior is the first step towards empowering them to create the violence-free culture of tomorrow]

Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Victim/Offender Mediation Association

Mediation Information and Resource Center

National Association for Community Mediation Project

People For Peace Conflict Resolution Center

National Center for Conflict Resolution Education

National Institute for Dispute Resolution

Conflict Resolution ~ Conflict Resolution Network

Colorado School Mediation Project

Philosophy of Nonviolence from nonviolence.org

see also Restorative Justice

Workplace Violence 

Workplace Solutions: Conflict and Crisis Prevention

U.S. Office of Personnel Management: Dealing with Workplace Violence

Misc, But Helpful...

Handgun Control

Physicians for Social Responsibility

Milton Eisenhower Foundation [what works in the inner city]


You Don't Have to Fuck People Over To Survive (Or Yourself) by Seth Tobocman

50 Ways to a Safer World: Everyday Actions You Can Take to Prevent Violence in Neighborhoods, Schools, and Communities

Crime & Punishment in America, by Elliott Currie

Currie does an excellent job discussing why the imprisonment binge does not work. He explains why we should: prevent child abuse, enhance development, and provide mentoring



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