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Restorative Justice & Peacemaking Criminology

Restorative justice involves looking beyond retribution to find deeper solutions that heal broken relationships. The links below explain the theory and practice of this concept; they also can direct you to information on peacemaking and victim-offender mediation.

know the power that is peace - black elk, from Little Big Horn visitor center

"Crime is a wound, justice should be healing" is a nice summary by Daniel van Ness

Sentencing Circles and Peacemaking Circles [great bibliography on this Native American practice compiled by the U. of Saskatchewan - check out the other sample articles from Justice as Healing Newsletter]

Restorative Justice

Fundamental Principles of Restorative Justice by Ron Classen, Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies (Fresno Pacific Univ) 

Restorative Justice.org [introductory tutorial, training sessions, faith issues, research tools, library and excellent resources on international issues]

Restorative Justice.com: Healing the Effects of Crime

Department of Justice (Office for Victims of Crime): Restorative Justice: 5 volume series dealing with topics like victim-offender mediation, family counseling, and multicultural issues. 

Restorative Justice Online Notebook is the product of five regional symposia - includes background, definitions, benefits & barriers, promising practices

National Institute of Corrections: Restorative Justice Principles, Practices and Implementation

Restorative Justice: Theory Meets Practice: Western Criminology Review (full journal issue)

Restorative Justice Trust (New Zealand) 

Victim - Offender Mediation Association. StopViolence also has a page on mediation

Restorative Justice Information from Minnesota Dept of Corrections [background info, newsletter, sample practices, empathy development, circle sentencing]

Centers for Restorative Justice and Mediation, University of Minnesota

Real Justice ~ Community Justice Exchange

Australian Institute of Criminology: Restorative Justice in Australia

Therapeutic Jurisprudence (Special Issue, Western Criminology Review - full text available online)

Redwood Highway [Sanoma State University - 'System Critique & Reform Links']

National Public Radio: Restorative Justice [streaming audio discussion - requires RealPlayer]

Peacemaking Criminology

Fuller's Criminal Justice Links

Crime Victims for a Just Society

Critical Criminology Division of the American Society of Criminology 

Additional Related Resources

Appalachian Peace and Justice Network Educator Resources

Backs County Peace Center Education in Conflict Resolution

The Peacemaker: Growing Communities for Peace

Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution

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Sept 11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows

Marlyce Nuzum is a former EMU student and currently the Restorative Justice Specialist for the Michigan Bureau of Juvenile Justice, which has adopted restorative justice as the official guiding philosophy (see Balanced and Restorative Justice initiative in Michigan). The articles below are some of her research.

Restorative Justice Overview

a 2 page paper from an introductory talk

Summary of Restorative Justice Legislation

six page summary of the language, goals and intent of state legislation, based on a review of statutes in 29 states.

Restorative Justice Legislation by State

13 page listing by state that summarizes the statutes and provides specific citations to state laws.

These reviews of legislation were done as part of Bureau of Juvenile Justice's Balanced and Restorative Justice initiative in Michigan. Marlyce Nuzum is looking for researchers interested in helping to complete the review of state legislation and keep it updated; her email is provided in the files.



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